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Team ATG is the country`s leading ceiling cleaning specialist. As a growing company, we are always on the look out for dynamic individuals to fill positions in sales and marketing, cleaning technicians and administration.

For some positions, the ability to travel is a must. Most positions do not require previous experience, however, a background in sales or marketing is always helpful. We pay a competitive wage and offer travel expenses and allowances.

If you are interested in working for a fast moving company and think you have what it takes to join the Team ATG team, we encourage you to submit your application online. However, you can mail your resume and walk-in applicants are welcome.

Available Opportunities:
1.) Director of Operations (Team ATG)
2.) Director of Cleaning Operations (Apollo)
3.) Director of Restoration Operations (Apollo)

All three positions require prior management experience of at least 2 years. Include salary, incentive and benefit packages. Interested parties apply online or mail resumes to Anthony N. Mougianis President & CEO.

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Team ATG Employment Opportunities
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