Team ATG

Ceiling Cleaning Services

In the past, you have regularly cleaned your floors, carpets, walls and fixtures of your facilities; however, one area is constantly being overlooked... the ceiling.

Since the 1950's, an estimated 20 billion square feet of acoustical ceiling tile has been installed in the United States. Because of its delicate nature, the ceilings have been difficult (if not impossible) to clean. In the past, only 2 methods to improve the appearance of ceiling tile existed: replacement or painting. Both methods are very costly and time consuming.

Team ATG has invented a unique restoration process designed to clean the layers of built up dirt, soot, grease, nicotine, bacteria and other unsanitary pollutants that bond to the amino and fatty acids. Our cleaning process removes these pollutants right out of the ceiling tile without removing or disturbing the tile.

The final result is a beautiful, new-looking ceiling at a fraction of the cost involved in replacing or painting tiles. The process is safe, effective, and will not harm walls, floors, furniture, carpet or drapes.

Ceiling Cleaning - Before and After

The Team ATG cleaning solution contains enzymes which break down the amino and fatty acids and actually eliminate the dirt, soot, grease and nicotine, right out of the ceiling. The solution contains no bleach or toxic agents and is bio-degradable.

Our skilled, professional staff can neatly and meticulously clean and restore your ceiling and take care of every detail of the cleaning process. We will clean every component of your ceiling: grids, diffusers, sprinkler heads, and speaker grills. You'll see the soot, dirt, grease and nicotine magically disappear, as your old dingy ceiling turns to a like-new condition.

The Team ATG Ceiling cleaning system is 100% guaranteed. You receive our personal service and attention to detail that is important in today's business climate. All of our technicians pass rigid requirements and testing on the most updated techniques in the cleaning industry.

Your ceilings can be cleaned after business hours without interruption to customers or employees.

The Team ATG Ceiling Cleaning System:
  • Safe
  • Removes odors
  • Destroys bacteria
  • Increases light
  • Restores acoustics
  • Retains fire rating
  • No down time
  • Enhances work environment
  • Creates professional appearance
  • Saves thousands of maintenance dollars each year

You can see the difference for yourself!
For more information on how Team ATG can improve the quality and appearance of your work environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, if you need more than just your ceilings cleaned, contact Apollo Pro Cleaning!