Team ATG


Conquering the Myths of Ceiling Restoration

Team ATG is America`s premier acoustical ceiling cleaning and restoration company. We are also a supplier of ceiling cleaning and carpet cleaning products and equipment.

Many businesses spend a great deal of time and money cleaning the floors, walls, and windows of their facilities, but neglect the acoustical ceiling. Acoustical ceilings can be difficult to clean and expensive to replace. The ceiling cleaning experts at Team ATG can professionally restore acoustical ceiling tile to a "like new" appearance for a fraction of the cost of replacing, painting, or refacing the tile. Our Team ATG cleaning solution passes permissible exposure limits test and is OSHA Approved. If your ceilings are too dirty or stained to be cleaned properly, we offer ceiling coatings. We also offer a grid wiping system and cleaning products for the do-it-yourselfer.

Ceiling Cleaning Services

Team ATG has invented a unique restoration process designed to clean the layers to built up dirt, soot, grease, nicotine, bacteria and other unsanitary pollutants that bond to the amino and fatty acids. Our cleaning process removes these pollutants right out of the ceiling tile without removing or disturbing the tile.

If you are interested in information on ceiling cleaning, contact the ceiling cleaning experts at Team ATG , or you can watch our video - available on CD-ROM or Microsoft Streaming media.

Record Production

ATG Corporate recorded 30 million feet of acoustical and open ceiling cleaning for 2011, announced by Anthony Mougianis, President/CEO of ATG Corporate.